New Site Reps for 2011 - 2012

Now is the time to start talking with your site members about being a rep for the next school year. We would like to have the names and personal e-mails for the new reps by September 1, 2011. Duties of a Site Rep are: 1. Attend monthly Rep Council meeting at the PEA office. 2. Collect FOCUS and other materials to distribute to your site members 3. Hold a monthly 10 minute meeting with your staff 4.Collect e-mail addresses of your staff to forward any messages from President 5. Distribute any mailings to your members 6. Make sure to distribute and collect any voting materials. 7. Take any requested surveys or collect data 8. Be familiar with PEA/PUSD contract 9. When requested by a site member attend a meeting with them as their representative 10. If you can't solve the problem at the site level then ask an Executive Board member